What is your core expertise?
We have an extraordinary team of experts dedicatedly working towards the architectural and design solutions for construction, engineering sectors. We basically conduct Building Information Modelling (BIM) and make sure the project is free from discrepancies before the construction begins.
Do you provide service in a different time zone?
Yes, we work on a global scale providing a broad spectrum of services to national and international clients.
What kind of services can I expect from BIM Infotech?
We have a broad range of services categorized under industrial and BIM services and each of them focuses on development of quality by maintaining the perfect techniques under expert supervision. You can check or website for an elaborated presentation of our services.
How do I pay for additional services?
Payment for these services can be based on the features of the projects. You can pay it along with the primary service.
If I share architectural plan views with you, will you have the engineers that could take these plans and make other drawings needed for the building?
Currently, we have limited expertise in Engineering; we are more into in BIM modeling.
Also, will these drawings be certificated?
No, we don't have PE.
What files do we need to send you to start the project?

For BIM Work:

  • CAD / PDFs of Engineering Contract drawings.
  • Architecture Revit Model (for the scope of Structure & MEP BIM).
  • MEP equipment’s cut sheet.
  • MEPs specifications (like Pipe material, insulation thickness etc.).
What software do you use?
For BIM, we are using Revit (up to v2019), Navisworks, AutoCAD, Autodesk Fabrication, BlueBeam (for hyper linking), Advance Steel (For steel connection).
Do you send draft results?
Yes, we will send progress model weekly basis.
How do I get the results and communicate?
We can communicate via Skype, Zoom, telephone and for file transfer we generally use WeTransfer, Dropbox and client’s FTP (If required).
How many specialists in your team? Is it possible to work with you on a high volume of projects?

• We are total 38 resources of BIM.

• Yes, we are able to do high volume of project and we will hire new resource if required.

Where are you located?

We are now located in Kolkata (India) and going to open new offices in Siliguri (India) and Gangtok (India) very soon.

What is your 3d modeling services rate $/model ? Or what is your services rate $/working hour?

We are working hourly basis rate and that is $11 per hour to $19 per hour. This price is depending on work type, LODs and client requirement.

Do you have a price list that you could share with me?

Normally, we are doing time Estimate of a job, the time (hours) depends on LODs. And the charges are the basis of $11/ Hour and it's completely transparent. We will share with you the estimated hours of a task at the time of pricing.

How many revisions are included in the price? What is the cost for extra revisions?

Single revision, we will quote as per the received 2D drawings. If any addendum needs to update after 3D model submission then will do separate quote for changes as per require hours basis and it will be completely transparent. If any addendum issue in between our 3D model progress then we first send you the progress model then our project team will do a con-call with you / your team, explain if any major rework required, then will make a Change-order will be an issued, so that you can ask your client. If minor rework (less than 10% of Initial estimated hour) then we will not charge extra.

What is your payment process? Do you work with pre-payment? post-payment?

PayPal is the only option for payment.

Post Payment. If a big project, then it could be Part-Payment after a partial submission.

Do you charge extra money for urgent projects and tight deadlines?

Yes, if any urgent or tight schedule, then we will charge an extra $5 per hour for the particular day when we will have worked with extra resources to complete your job and the work schedule will keep fully transparent with you through the Google spreadsheet.

If we need to work on any holiday (i.e. Saturday or Sunday or any holiday), then we will charge an extra $5 per hour for the day we will have workedand the work schedule will keep fully transparent with you through the Google spreadsheet.

We have above both options if you have a very urgent or tight schedule, unless we can plan to spend extra hours to complete the job without any extra charges.

Do you have the option of fixed resources or team or Studio project for any client/ project?

Yes, we do have the option of a fixed team or studio project and below is the price chart for the same.

  • Fixed 1 resource or 8 hours/day: $2300/month.
  • Fixed 2 resources or 16 hours/day: $4300/month.
  • Fixed 3 resources or 24 hours/day: $6300/month.
  • Fixed 4 resources or 32 hours/day: $8400/month.
  • Fixed 5 resources or 40 hours/day: $10450/month.
  • Maximum fixed 6 resources or 48 hours/day: $12550/month.

We generally charge on a monthly basis as per contract. This is an hourly base contract (1 resource = 8 hours/day). Here, we have fixed 1 or more resources as per the client's requirement and we have charged a fixed amount for it based on per employee/resource (8 hours working per day). The client has to pay the fixed amount per month, even if they are unable to provide work for the fixed employee. We will charge additional per hour if we cross the per day contract hours.